The culture, tradition, and history of the Rożnów Lake


The Rożnów Lake is located about 13 km away from Nowy Sącz. It stretches across several communes, beginning in Kurów and ending at the Rożnów Dam. The Dunajec Valley forms a gorge here, enclosed by the Łososina Range of the Island Beskids from the west, and by the Rożnów Foothills from the east. The outline of the Rożnów Lake looks like an irregular letter “S”. In some places, its width reaches 2 km. The Rożnów Lake is not, as some may think, a natural body of water. It was created by man in response to the floods scourging the Dunajec Valley. In 1934, as a result of intense rainfall, the Dunajec ravaged the Nowy Sącz region and beyond. The losses